Tub Scrubber

The Tub Scrubber is a cost-effective means of preventing damage caused by corrosive gases typically found in industrial settings. A three-foot-deep media bed makes the scrubber particularly effective in high contaminant areas. Heavy industrial facilities, such as pulp and paper mills, smelters, chemical plants, and refineries utilize this deep-bed system to provide clean, contaminant-free air to areas with sensitive electronics and electrical equipment.

Tub Scrubbers are designed to treat a small amount of heavily contaminated air. The scrubber’s three-foot media bed is designed for long service. Filter and media replacement is fast and simple.

Airflow models available:

500 CFM2,000 CFM
1,000 CFM3,000 CFM
1,500 CFM4,000 CFM

The scrubber’s design provides a long residence time in the three-foot deep media bed that translates into a better scrubbing efficiency. Tub Scrubbers are able to provide purified “G1” air for at least one year even in the most contaminated areas. ISA 71.04-2013, Environmental Conditions for Process Measurements and Control Systems: Airborne Contaminants describes a “G1” classification as the only environment suitable to house sensitive electronics and electrical equipment. Most computer and instrument manufacturers mandate their equipment be kept in a G1 condition to conform with warranty requirements.

• Stainless Steel construction with three-foot media bed
• MERV 8 Prefilter
• MERV 15 Final Filter with protective MERV 8 sacrificial filter
• Externally mounted blower with 1.0 iwg external static pressure
• Differential pressure gages for particulate filters

• Media loading safety railing
• Rain louver for inlet
• Room Pressure Measuring