Drum Scrubber

The Drum Scrubber is a cost-effective means of removing odorous gases typically found in industrial and wastewater settings. The simple design and corrosion-resistant materials make the drum scrubber a low maintenance piece of equipment. The deep bed of media allows for high-efficiency removal of odors and a long service life even in severally contaminated areas and applications.

Drum Scrubbers are ideal to treat a small amount of heavily contaminated air. The scrubbers are designed with a deep bed for long service, typically one year. Chemical media replacement is fast and simple with mesh sacks making Installation and replacement of chemical media is a one-person job.

The drum scrubber can be filled with any chemical media and tailored for any application. The most common application is domestic wastewater collection systems, such as pump stations and wet wells. Other low airflow applications include exhaust from fume hoods, pressure vents for liquid storage tanks, and rogue fumes from industrial processes.

• Wastewater Collection (Pump Station, Wet Wells, Process Operations)
• Industrial Point Source Elimination
• Fume Hood Exhaust
• Ventilation from Liquid Storage Tanks


150 CFM300 CFM
500 CFM1,000 CFM

• Polyethylene construction
• Stainless steel & rubber latches
• Externally mounted cast-aluminum, pressure blower
• Totally Enclosed Fan Cool (TEFC) motor
• Open inlet plenum and HDPE support grate
• Fernco flexible inlet coupling

• Adjustable damper
• Silencer
• Passive configuration