Electronic Cabinet Unit (ECU)

The Electronic Cabinet Unit combines gas phase and particulate filtration for thorough contamination control. The scrubber is primarily for treating air in stand-alone and remote electrical controls from the damaging effects of corrosive airborne contaminants. Scrubbers can be mounted onto the side of electrical cabinets or left freestanding in a small room. The integrated damper allows for recirculating air within the cabinet or pressurizing the space with outside air to prevent infiltration of contaminated air. The ECU is also ideal for treating air in telecom cabinets and remote router hub enclosures.

ECUs are designed to treat a small amount of moderately contaminated air with chemical and particulate filtration. Chemical media replacement is fast and simple with media modules. MERV 11 filtration complies with industry guidelines for electronics protection from particulates.

The Electronic Cabinet Unit can be filled with a variety of chemical media and tailored for your contamination problem. Inlet and outlet are located at the top and the bottom on the rear of the scrubber. The units can be manufactured in a vertical or horizontal orientation.

• Corrosion Control (Control Cabinets,
Telecom Server cabinets, Remote Router Hubs)
• Small Airflow/Low Concentration Odor Control


100-250250-500 CFM

• Single-wall, painted steel construction
• Corrosion-resistant aluminum fan with
115v, 1ph AC motor
• Variable Speed Controller
• MERV 11 Particulate Filtration on outlet
• Aluminum air grilles with integrated damper

• Stainless Steel construction
• Outdoor/ Weatherproofing Hood
• Caster Wheels for Mobility
• 115v Electrical Cord

16” wide x 44” tall x 14” deep