Air Filtration Unit (AFU)

The Air Filtration Unit combines gas phase and particulate filtration for maximum contaminant control. The multi-stage design allows for customization that can meet the requirements of any application and can be engineered for recirculation or pressurization configurations. The units are ideal for treating a small amount of air in a confined space, such as computer rooms, laboratories, or storage vaults.

AFUs are ideal to treat a small amount of moderately contaminated air. The scrubbers are designed to supply pure air with high levels of chemical and particulate filtration. Chemical media replacement is fast and simple with media modules making installation and replacement of chemical media is a one-person job.

The Air Filtration Unit can be filled with any chemical media and tailored for any application. Inlet and outlet can be located on the top, at the bottom, or on any side of the unit to suit any air flow pattern desired. The units are available in both vertical or horizontal orientations.

• Corrosion Control (Computer Rooms, MCCs, Telecom Rooms, Data Centers)
• Contamination Control (Research Laboratories, Cafeterias, IVF Laboratories)
• Preservation of Artifacts (Museums, Libraries, Archives, Storage Vaults)


500 CFM1,500 CFM3,000 CFM
1,000 CFM2,000 CFM4,000 CFM

• Double wall construction with aluminum posts
• External Panel – Painted Steel
• Internal Panel – Aluminum
• Variable, Electronically Commuted (EC) motor
• Integrated Controls package
• MERV 15 Particulate Filtration on outlet
• Anodized aluminum inlet and outlet grilles

• Pressurization Unit (PU) with 100% outside air
• Combo Unit (CU) with outside and recirculation air
• Recirculation Unit (RU) with 100% recycle air